Introducing the new
E Release!

This upgrade for select PocketWizard radios will improve your reliability, range, and performance. 

Everything that PocketWizard does best, made even better - now available worldwide!




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The E Release is now available for PocketWizard Plus III, Plus IV, FlexTT5 for Nikon, and PowerMC2

The E Release is an easy and inexpensive upgrade that dramatically extends the range, enhances reliability, and expands the features of your existing PocketWizard radios. Currently available for the PocketWizard Plus III, Plus IV, FlexTT5 for Nikon, and the PowerMC2.

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Ready to upgrade your existing radios to the new system?

Did you just buy a new radio that's eligible for an upgrade?

Extends Your Range

Trigger your flash(es) and/or remote camera(s) from remarkable distances. The E Release doubles the range of our Legacy radios. 

Expands Your Features

Way more Channels to choose from and expanded camera and flash compatibility. 

Enhances Reliability

Our radio frequency is less crowded than others and works great in "noisy" environments. We've made it even more reliable with the E Release.  We don't want you to miss a single shot. 

Remote Camera Challenge - Pushing the Limits with the E Release

Watch our video to see how photographer Michael Heeney used PocketWizard radios upgraded with the E Release to overcome challenging conditions for remote photography. Michael was able to capture 4 different perspectives using 3 remote cameras placed in distant spots that challenge radio reception - among the rocks and surrounded by a large body of water. He didn't miss a single shot! 

4 Perspectives, 3 Remote Cameras, 2 Climbers, 1 Click of the Shutter


Elevate your Photography

With the E Release, you can Make it Possible!

Upgrade to the new E Release and take advantage of
extended range, enhanced reliability and expanded features. 

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